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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Remote Control in Contests
From: "Barry Merrill" <barry@mxg.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 14:41:44 -0500
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I've considered operating EI/W5GN remotely, but:


But is it LEGAL????


For example, this statement in the CommReg (Irish FCC) rules, would seem

to prevent me from operating EI/W5GN from Dallas, and I'm willing to wager

that the same restrictions exist in all of the amateur rules, worldwide:


"(n) the Licensee shall ensure that, save as may be required by law, access

and use of, the Apparatus is restricted to the Licensee or persons operating

under the direct supervision of the Licensee;"


I doubt that CommReg would say that "direct supervision" could ever occur

when I am not sitting in the station in Ireland.


In addition, the remote station would be an UNATTENDED Station, and thus is
NOT a "normal"

licensed amateur station; most countries have additional restrictions on
UNATTENDED stations,

some requiring a redundant/independent method of control of the transmitter.


Since DXCC credit requires proof of license, it would seem to me that any
station who

operates a remote station across country lines would have to prove they have

legal authority from the country from which the RF emanates; can Radio
Arcala show they

have a license for unattended operations as well as remote operation from
another country?


Barry, W5GN




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