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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Remote Control in Contests
From: "Hal Offutt" <hal@japancorporateresearch.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 08:04:20 -0400
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I love your C21 idea!  Fantastic.  You have my 100% support.  I sure could
use some more multipliers.

I prepared a short checklist and a very rough budget estimate on a napkin
over breakfast this morning.  It's probably not complete but I hope it will
help you get started.

Radios, amps, etc.:  Euro 15,000 (may be too low, depends on your taste in
Antennas, towers, rotators, cables, misc: Euro 15,000 (of course if a G5RV
will do, you can reduce this, but nobody will hear you)
Shipping the above to C21: Euro 10,000 (?)
Import duties: not sure about this, better check, could be 30-50% or more
Labor:  Euro 15,000 (I think you'll have to fly in a couple of experts from
N.A. or EU.  Putting up antennas is quite a bit different from installing
Shack and antenna premises rental: no idea, somewhere between Euro 100 and
Euro 20,000 per year I suppose.
   Mountaintop could be more.  A lot more if you build your own building.
Internet connection: no idea on this either, may need satillite connection
Electric: not sure how good the power grid is in C21 but maybe you'll need a
backup generator and fuel tank.  Add in another Euro 20,000 or so (?)
Remote equipment, internet switches, etc.:  This is the easy part.  Only
Euro 300-500

Don't forget you'll need a proper license.

I don't know about the crime situation in C21 but maybe you'll want to hire
a security guard to keep an eye on your station when you're not there.

This will be a pretty complicated project, so I suppose you'll need to make
at least half a dozen or so trips there yourself to make sure the station is
being built properly.  Budget another Euro 15,000-20,000 or so?

As you know, most budget estimates are way off so I would probably want to
double the above figures just to be safe.  So maybe between Euro 100,000 and
Euro 150,000 will get you a very nice C21 station.  Probably take a year or
two to get everything right.  You know how new problems always seem to crop
up.  But then you can finally sit back in that easy chair of yours and
contest away!  (Until something breaks and you have to go fix it.)

BTW, there are one or two contests that don't permit remote operation today
but I'm sure before long they'll realize the error of their ways.  All of
the major contest sponsors have embraced this wave of the future so they
will surely fall into line eventually.

Albert, please keep us informed and, if possible, post some videos of your
station on YouTube.


Hal W1NN

(Note:  it seems to be the fashion these days to sign your postings to CQ
Contest with just your name ((sometimes just one's first name!), but I'm old
fashioned so I will include my call.)

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> So, remote control is the same as just being there.
> Well, I propose to hire the guy that set up all the bank servers on Nauru
> (C21) to put up a ham station and hook it up to the Internet. Instead of
> the
> monumental  task of trying to get to Nauru , and once there, finding a
> decent place to stay (there are only  two hotels in the entire country ),
> I
> will ease into my easy chair at home and the world will line up to work
> the
> only C21.
> This is the new Radio Sport, according to the rules now in place.
> All that money and time spent for participants to go to WRTC to compete,
> all
> that nonsense can be avoided . The teams can stay at home, with a referee
> to
> supervise each team,  and all  the transmitters and receivers can be in a
> good radio location like Puerto Rico. What fun!
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