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Re: [CQ-Contest] Aniother rules/remote RX issue

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Aniother rules/remote RX issue
From: "Yannick DEVOS (XV4Y)" <yannick.devos@online.fr>
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 06:56:13 +0700
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I agree that with technology improvements and "connected" computer being 
everywhere including inside our radios, it's hard to define what is assistance.
My opinion is that in order to make the Single-OP rules simples :
- just one transmitter one receiver and one operator in one location
- no access to external information during the contest
- reading (decoding) of the signals are made by the operator, and the content 
of the informations exchanged (in fact the other station callsign) is decided 
by the operator

RBN or DX-Clusters are "second receivers" so they are not allowed.
Loading the SCP database and using it during the contest is nothing more than 
"log cleaning" using a callbook. This callbook is well integrated in the 
logging program but the one who makes the decision about the callsign to write 
in the logbook is still the operator. This information is not real-time and you 
have no clue about who is actually active during the contest or not.

Preparing a contest is ok, you can check solar conditions and try to guess 
where to be or not.
The same about knowing who is planning to operate from C5 or PJ4, but not 
knowing exactly when and where to contact him (a sked).

Keyers, logging software are just hardware like your transceiver and its 
digital dial, memories and automatic ATU.
They take the decision about what to write in the log for you, and they don't 
give you real-time information about what's going in the contest.

Yannick DEVOS - XV4Y
> I agree.
> But where do you draw the line if a boy and his radio is SO, which 
> obviously it is not.
> Obviously the advent of certain aids has been allowed for Single ops and 
> will these aids will continue to be allowed.   Keyers, SCP, computer 
> logging to name a few.  ALL of these are advantageous are they not?
> I could care less about WWV or keyers for SO, I am simply saying that A 
> boy a radio, his paper logs and dupe sheet is a fantasy and that contest 
> sponsors have allowed certain types of assistance while not allowing 
> others.
> I think the sponsors are correct in attempt to stop things like remote 
> radio receivers, checking the propagation over the long path :) with RBN 
> etc.   I consider computers, keyers, wwv operating aids that are 
> "passive" in that they do not provide specific feedback other than SCP 
> which still requires an op to decide if W1AAA was really W1AAA or maybe 
> W1AAU.  Chairs, desks, mice etc are all aids in the comfort of the op.
> I think we all agreed that remote receivers to listen to your cq freq 
> and using RBN to check propagation would both be considered Assisted.
> There are no easy answers.
> Mike W0MU
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