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Re: [VHFcontesting] Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ

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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ
From: Second <aduhawk@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 11:07:49 -0500
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Thanks, Dave. I only had one of those phone conversations, and one late night 
solo chat in the hotel lobby at a CSVHF conference but Gene made me feel like 
we were old friends.  I liked his picture above TWA -- he was smiling 
earnestly.  73, ZZ.
Tim K0PG

Dave Olean <k1whs@metrocast.net> wrote:

>I have had many telephone conversations with Gene over the years. I would 
>pick up the phone thinking it was a customer only to have it turn out to be 
>Gene Zimmerman with a query for his QST VHF column. There were never any 
>short phone calls. They typically ran about an hour and a half with almost 
>all of the talking done by Gene. I always marveled at how listenable his 
>stories were. So much information , so many anecdotes. Gene was always a 
>contester. I loved to hear his stories about lugging KW modulators up to 
>large hilltops in the early 1960s for VHF contests. I remember hearing and 
>working one of those early efforts, that of W1GB (W1 Good Boy) in 
>Connecticut. Gene was a mover in that group. He achieved great status on HF 
>as a contester as well.  Gene was very active in all facets of ham radio.
>    I always got a kick out of his VHF columns. There was much to read 
>between the printed lines. At times the printed lines were a hoot as well. 
>My favorite was his column with descriptions of each VHF conference in the 
>USA. For each one, he had a list of where the good restaurants were! That is 
>typical Gene.
>    Gene was a student of propagation, and always tilted towards propagation 
>in his columns.  His phone calls always included some propagation tidbits as 
>well. He always swore that Ray, W1REZ, had worked Portugal on 144 MHz in the 
>early 50's from his place in Fairfield CT. That subject was the topic of one 
>of our hour and a half phone conversations. He was very interested in tropo 
>communications across the Atlantic and we discussed that subject at length 
>many times.
>    I will miss Gene's voice terribly. We have lost a great ham and a real 
>personality. Gene used to visit Joel Knobloch at his shop in Gaithersburg, 
>MD.  Joel always used to tell me about Gene's visits. Poor Joel was so close 
>to Gene' QTH, that he did not get phone calls like I did. Gene would just 
>show up and hold court for hours, telling stories and destroying Joel's 
>bottom line for the day.  Joel loved it, and affectionately nicknamed Gene " 
>Doctor Doom". Gosh, I am going to miss him.  VHF and ham radio just became a 
>bit poorer with Gene's passing.
>Dave Olean K1WHS
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>Subject: [VHFcontesting] Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ
>I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ.  Gene was
>devoted to Contesting.  He spent many years on the CQ Contest Committee and
>a long stint writing the "The World Above 50 MHz" Column for QST.
>On a personal note - years ago as a young buck starting to make business
>trips to DC, Gene took me under his wing and took me to a number of the
>area's Contesters - W3AU, W4BVV and others.  I never forgot this kindness.
>I'll also miss long the conversations with Gene.  To say that Gene was an
>ardent conversationalist would still be an understatement.  When asked for
>help or an opinion, Gene never held back.
>In this age of bland personalities, the loss of such a unique person as Gene
>is truly a tragedy.  Rest easy now, Gene.
>73 --> Dave, W9ZRX
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