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Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ Magazine Award Policy for Remote Base Operations

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ Magazine Award Policy for Remote Base Operations
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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 00:49:23 +0000
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LA4RT pointed out after mention of the EI national society bringing the 
subject of remote operation of amateur stations across national borders 
to IARU R1:

> It does appear that a CEPT license is insufficient to authorize a remote
> transmitter located in a foreign country. That just means that
> an explicit license from the host country is necessary.

I think the words in CEPT say something that applies to operators when 
they enter other countries.  The operator in the case of a remote 
controlled station is never physically there.  Likewise any sort of 
'reciprocal recognition' - as opposed to 'reciprocal licensing' 
agreement - such as the one between K & VE.

Complicating the operator being licensed by the country where the remote 
controlled station is located, I suspect most countries' telecom law 
might not give their telecom authorities authority outside the borders 
of that country.

The operator of a radio station not being there with the station is a 
bit of a change from how things have always been.  I rather doubt many 
countries were so forward thinking as to draft their laws/regulations to 
cover such situations.  Since at the highest level (ITU Radio 
Regulations) the operator must be "duly authorized", I suspect that 
could be the show-stopper that should please EI5DI. ;^)

73, ex-VR2BG/p.

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