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[CQ-Contest] RES: Is allowed more then 2 stations on M/2?

To: "Luc Moreira" <py8azt@dxbrasil.net>, "Contest Reflector" <cq-contest@contesting.com>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] RES: Is allowed more then 2 stations on M/2?
From: "py5eg" <py5eg@iesa.com.br>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 19:23:49 -0300
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Hi Folks


Sorry to enter into this discussion but something must be said!

Every contester knows that a third station or even 4 stations can be used but 
never more than three stations at the same time

So please Luc take in consideration that not only you read the rules.

You perfectly know what Peter is referring to.

The only way to assure that during the 48 hours every minute and every second 
only two stations at the same time is with a interlock mechanism and not only 
software because if the third station on SSB is using vox or in CW using paddle 
no way to avoid the third station on the air.

Nobody is stupid here

My apologize for being rude









De: Luc Moreira [mailto:py8azt@dxbrasil.net] 
Enviada em: sábado, 23 de junho de 2012 16:27
Para: Contest Reflector
Cc: PETER PP5XX / PY5CC; py5eg; PT7CB; RIO-DX-GROUP; GDXG; Dx Brasil
Assunto: Is allowed more then 2 stations on M/2?


Dear Contester,


On PY Contest reflectors Peter, PP5XX, a very known operator that was part of 
HKØNA team, wrote this message:


On June 23, 2012 11:06, Peter Sprengel <petersprengel@hotmail.com> wrote:

There are two situations in contestes.
By involuntary errors in operation that are all susceptible and cheating.
I'll give you an example of CHEATING:
The guy participate as M/2 and have a third station and enter the QSO's made 
from the third station in the log. This is DISHONESTY. That's shamelessness!
In my opinion have to declassify mercilessly. Unfortunately that's not what 
happened recently in the WPX, and they opted to discount points of naughty 
thieves. But it is a start and served as a reminder that every day the 
organizers are more aware of frauds.


Link to original message in Portuguese:



The team PW7T was the only one M/2 participant in PY on last WPX (both CW/SSB) 
using 3 stations setup, so I got confused If indeed we are doing something 
wrong/illegal that WPX organizers didn't know about it or noble fellow Peter, 
PP5XX is miss judging our operations?


3830 PW7T @ WPX 2012 - SSB: 2nd World (Claimed):


3830 PW7T @ WPX 2012 - CW: 1st World (Claimed): 



Little background to help you evaluate the situation:

I'm one of 8-10 regular operators of PW7T Team (former ZY7C) Fortaleza DX Group 
Contest Station. Since 2006, we've been building the station from the ground. A 
project like this require time, money (a lot of), effort, dedication, learning, 
team working and big passion for Contesting.

Since then, It's not rare to spot us on Top Score Box of all big contests. 
Although It wasn't easy/quick, It was really an amazing journey. During this 
journey, we learned a lot about hardware, software, mastered game strategy, 
have fun, how to work as team and finally we got more skilled and competitive.


One of most important lessons learned was that Brazil isn't a rare DXCC. Just 
set a frequency and call CQ simply doesn't work! We need to work pileup AND run 
after Qs and Mults as well, just like 95% of competitors do. If Moses won't go 
to the mountain...


To chase new Qs/Mults while don't give up pileups, we setup 3 stations, each 
one have access to all available antennas and they are limited to 1,000 Watts 
max power output (according to PY ham radio regulation, we are seriously 
against POWER ABUSE).


Our understand from M/2 category rules is that there is no limit of stations, 
but M/2 entrants must ensure to have only 2 signals on the air any time, any 
band. To avoid more then 2 signals on the air, two (of three) stations are 
interlocked, so from 3 stations, we have only 2 signal on the air any time, any 


The third station is used as "chameleon", It assumes RUN#1/RUN#2 identity to 
work mult/Qs on other bands. So each RUN station "QSY" up to the band change 
limit (8 on WPX, 10 on CQWW). That gives us up to 8 contacts per hour on WPX. 
On 48h it means 384 mults or Qs that was made by third station. This station 
NEVER calls CQ.


Errors happens. On WPX CW 2011, we lost 3rd place in world because a band 
violation (complete article http://www.pw7t.net/?p=822). Yes, we take the risk 
of make mistakes, but in my point of view It is not even close to cheating.


If there is any broken rules on this setup or strategy, please pinpoint It to 
us, so we'll fix it for future contests and we will withdraw our logs from last 
WPX Contest.

At PW7T we beleave that there is no meaning on win by any means.


73, Luc
PW7T Team member
WRTC.2006 Brazilian Referee

WRTC.2010 Brazilian Team Leader

PY8AZT (also PT7AG, R37U, ZY7C, PX8C, ZZ8Z)
LABRE, ARRL, CWJF & Fortaleza DX Group Member



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