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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 21:57:44 -0500
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I built a little box to add two headsets with independent volume controls.
It is powered by 12VDC.  I use it with my spotting station, mainly to allow
passersby to listen in on the action without using the speaker.  This
station has also been used during several club Field Day events.

See at http://www.dutson.net/Ham/SpotStation/AudioExtender.html

Input is via mini phono plug or RCA connector.  There are two DC input
connectors, ganged together to carry power to another accessory.  I wired
audio and DC from the accessory outlet 1, pins 2,5 and 7, on the back of the
Icom 775.

The box is Ten-Tec.  I think the audio amps are also from Ten-Tec.  They are
stereo.  I wired only one channel.  Some day I plan to rewire to use both
channels to match stereo output of many new transceivers.

73, Keith NM5G

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Does anyone have some design to home brew a multiple headphone ummm Mixer?
Ya know plug into a headphone jack and be able to have multiple headphones
plugged in.

I'm thinking say two to three or so headphone jacks, and a final output for
a speaker, and  able to have all independent volume controls. and keep the
various impedances as needed.

Anyone have a good home brew design?

Joe wb9sbd
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