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[CQ-Contest] KL7 call in the USA

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] KL7 call in the USA
From: Tree <tree@kkn.net>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 04:38:23 -0700
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While what Randy said is true - log what what was sent - I do feel that the
KL7 should have added something to indicate what country he is in.

In some cases - it isn't possible to deduce what country someone is in by
their zone.

Let's say that the KL7 elected to use his callsign from zone 8 - which is
something he could legally do per the current FCC rules from either Puerto
Rico or the Virgin Islands. Signing KL7ABC in zone 8 would not be enough
information to indicate what country multiplier he is in.

I applaud those who do not create confusion when in this situation by
adding more information to their callsign to make it clear what country
they are operating from.  The good operators do this.  It does also create
less work for the log checking team when the proper country is indicated by
the callsign and they don't have to manage exceptions.  This alone should
be a good reason for doing it.

Tree N6TR (who once operated a CW Sprint as N6TR/KL7)
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