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Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2012 09:51:22 -0500
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In the recent SS-CW, I noticed that I was getting RF into my PTT line that I use for keying. ( the rig locked up on some bands when I was QRO) I suppose that I need to get the cable wrapped around some cores.What do I need and where can I get them?


What equipment is bothered, and on what bands?

The general trend is to just throw beads at any RF related problem, but the universal band-aid doesn't ever fix the **real** problem causing the sensitivity to RF.

A patch like that is OK if everything else is as correct as reasonably possible with the equipment and system, but the RF problem could indicate something else not done properly that might be hurting in ways you do not know.

If you are getting so much RF into the system that equipment is malfunctioning, it is a good idea to at least look things over for defective wiring, installation, or construction.

If you just happen have a device that is built poorly and is abnormally sensitive, then the beads are a cure.

If you happen to have a bad cable, lack a balun, have a poorly designed balun or antenna feed, fixing the actual problem (instead of a bead toss) can help your system work better for transmitting and receiving.

The only case where beads might be legitimately required are where a piece of gear is unfixable, or where the antennas are so close they produce abnormal field levels in wiring.

73 Tom
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