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[CQ-Contest] Very Special CWops Tests Wednesday/Thursday

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Very Special CWops Tests Wednesday/Thursday
From: Hank Garretson <w6sx@arrl.net>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 12:46:12 -0700
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Very Special CWops Tests again this Wednesday/Thursday.

Very Special CWTs celebrate the completion of CW Academy's January/February
semester. Sixty eager hams graduated. We are inviting and encouraging them
to participate in the Very Special CWTs. Our goal is to hook them by
providing a welcoming, friendly opportunity to use their new CW skills.

The Very Special CWops Tests on 5/6 March were special. We had lots of
newcomers and hope they and others will participate this

*The graduates are our new blood. They are the hams who will carry on the
CW tradition. Let's make a special effort to get on and make the graduates
feel welcome. Let's infect them with the CW bug. *

Normal CWT times: 1300Z and 1900Z Wednesday and 0300Z Thursday. Normal CWT
frequencies: up 28 to 38 kHz from band bottoms. If you changed to daylight
savings time a week ago, be sure to get the right Zulu time.

Guidelines for Very Special CWTs.

1. Everyone limit speed to 20 WPM maximum. Even when you are working
someone you normally work at 30 WPM, please send no faster than 20 WPM.
When you answer someone CQing at less than 20 WPM, answer him at his speed.
When someone answers your 20 WPM CQ at a slower speed, match his speed.

2. Thank stations by name.

3. If appropriate, help stations by explaining CWT exchange.

4. Encourage band changes. Consider ending a contact by saying something
like CU ON 15 NEXT.

5. If someone wants to rag chew, rag chew for a bit.

6. Send lots of FBs and other encouragement.

7. Us working us--we do that all the time. Please make a special effort to
work the new guys.

8. Send a QSL card to each new station worked.

9. March Very Special CWTs will count toward CWT Participation Award

10. Lots of QSOs or just a few, please report your scores on 3830
http://www.3830scores.com/ .

Of course, all, not just CWA grads, are welcome to join our Special CWTs.
Spread the word to your local club members. Tell them about a special
opportunity to get on and do CW at their speed.

*The first rule of CW is to have fun and to share the fun. Let's share the
fun. *

CW Exuberantly,

Hank, W6SX
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