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[na-user] TE and Contest bands

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Subject: [na-user] TE and Contest bands
From: Rich Dailey, KA8OKH" <ka8okh@SOM-UKY.CAMPUS.MCI.NET (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 14:26:38 -0500
While using NA's template editor to create a template file, I noticed that
in the "Contest Bands" field, that if I added any other bands beyond the
default 160,80,40,20,15,10 bands, these bands would not register with
NA.  I'm using TE 1.05, and NA 10.13.  I also tried this with TE 1.04
and NA 10.07, but get the same results.  I also tried setting "adjustable
bands" to "Y", but to no avail, as the new bands fail to show in the
Band set window when NA starts.
Does all this make sense?  What am I doing wrong?

73 from a devoted NA user... rich

Rich Dailey - KA8OKH <>
qrp-l #933

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