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[na-user] Thanks for help

To: <>
Subject: [na-user] Thanks for help
From: Charles Shaw <> (Charles Shaw)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 19:52:56 -0700
Dear Jim and Bob,

        Thanks to both of you and others for your assistance with my logging

        Jim:  No DVP.  I was running 10.13 plain vanilla without any database
checking, and I don't have a DVP or any other voice keyer.  I don't usually
operate SSB tests except briefly (mostly on 160) just to pass out some NM
mults and meet folks.  Just the computer and Omni-VI.  

        Bob:  Thanks for reminding me about the utility.  I did as you said and
got a neat log to file.  By the way, it shows the QDF set up exactly as I
had it.

        I had earlier problems during the CW NAQP.  The Omni sometimes tunes in
small "jerks" by jumping 15 to 35 Hz; and, on CW, it kept shutting down the
keyers--both the NA memories AND the internal Omni-VI keyer.  The Omni
would not send at all until I quickly switched the rig off-on.  Then it
would go again for a while.  On SSB, the VOX kept tripping to transmit.
All the while on both modes, the bottom of the screen kept telling  me that
the rig was out of the contest band.

        I don't plan on pursuing this any further.  I think I will probably just
go back to complete manual rig control for future NAQP tests and just keep
the logger separate from the rig.  That's what I've been doing since 1988,
anyway.  I am already using another program on other CW tests which works
perfectly with full rig control.

        Once more, thanks for your interest and assistance.

73, Charles

Charles W. Shaw, N5UL
Hobbs, NM

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