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[na-user] TE and Contest bands

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Subject: [na-user] TE and Contest bands
From: (John Bednar) (John Bednar)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 97 10:52:45 EST
> While using NA's template editor to create a template file, I noticed that
> in the "Contest Bands" field, that if I added any other bands beyond the
> default 160,80,40,20,15,10 bands, these bands would not register with
> NA.  I'm using TE 1.05, and NA 10.13.  I also tried this with TE 1.04
> and NA 10.07, but get the same results.  I also tried setting "adjustable
> bands" to "Y", but to no avail, as the new bands fail to show in the
> Band set window when NA starts.
> Does all this make sense?  What am I doing wrong?


I might have an explaination. When you change the template you have 
to start a "new" log. I ran across this during the PA QSO party when
I discovered that the VHF bands were not enabled in the distribution
template. I changed the template during the contest but still could 
not log the contacts on VHF. 

BTW, I also discovered that there is a limit to the number of
bands that can be "enabled" for any given contest. So, make sure your
template is correct before starting a log.

John, K3CT
(I'd also like to see a 50 line mode w/movable windows & mouse support.)

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