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Subject: [na-user] Answers to Reflector Questions
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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 10:57:45 -0500
     Answers to some recent questions off the reflector:

     1) Bob, N4BP, responding to a message from James E. Brown, commented
     about using "DX" as the exchanged info in the NAQP.  N4BP is correct -
     the country file is loaded just to get the NA countries (which are
     multipliers).  "DX" is used to log non-NA countries, which may be
     worked but provide no multiplier credit.  This applies to any contest
     using NA countries as mults (i.e., NA Sprint also).  NA has been this
     way since version 1.0.  I could have sworn it was in the manual, but
     in checking I see that it is not.  Older versions of the manual prior
     to NA 9.0 had contest-specific descriptions of the unique features and
     "DX" was explained there.  We'll put it back in the next manual

     2) Rich, KA8OKH wrote that he was having problems resetting the bands
     when creating a new template file.  Here's the reason: The bands that
     are set in the template file are copied into the header of the .QDF
     when the .QDF file is created.  Try creating a new .QDF file that uses
     the new template you made and you'll find that the bands reflect those
     from the new template.  Also, "Adjustable Bands" refers to the feature
     that allows the user to change which bands he wants to work.  For
     example, in SS the bands are fixed, but in Field Day or VHF contests
     the user can select which nine bands are to be used.

     3) Charles, N5UL wrote that he was getting "ERROR 05" errors when he
     tried to restart his SSB NAQP log.  If he would ship me the .QDF file
     as an e-mail attachment, I will try to re-create his problem.


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