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[na-user] Hint: Two Exchanges for the Sprint

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Subject: [na-user] Hint: Two Exchanges for the Sprint
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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 13:33:39 -0500
     Bob, AA0CY commented that he would like to have two exchanges for the
     Sprint.  It has become de rigeur for the station that attracted the
     QSO (and must QSY when done) to send both calls at the start of the
     exchange, and the answering station (who will hopefully be called by
     another station when done) sends his call at the end of the exchange.
     I have done this successfully for the past few Sprints as follows.

     With the CW message special characters (see p.50 of the NA manual), it
     is a simple to set up two exchanges.  I use F2 (normally the exchange)
     and F6 (normally QSO B4).  I place a small Avery label on the keyboard
     near the F2 key and mark it "CQ exchange", and a label near the F6 key
     and mark it "Answer Exchange".  I program the memories as follows:

     F2:  @ K8CC # DAVE MI      example: AA0CY K8CC 123 DAVE MI

     F6:  @ # DAVE MI K8CC      example: AA0CY 123 DAVE MI K8CC

     When I call CQ and get an answer, I use F2 for the exchange.  When I
     answer somebody, I use F6 for the exchange.  If you mess up and hit
     the wrong one, no real harm done.

     Hope this is useful for somebody.

     73, Dave/K8CC

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