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Subject: [na-user] Editing Log File Comments
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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 15:29:05 -0500
     From: Dave Pruett, K8CC

     There seems to be some confusion about my question concerning Log File

     See page p.41 of the current NA manual.  Typing the text command
     COMMENTS opens the EDIT LOG FILE COMMENTS window.  This feature allows
     you to write a limited number of comment lines which stay with the log
     file, and which are included in the comments area of the contest
     summary sheet.

     This is not the same as the NOTEPAD feature (see p. 34), which pops up
     and allows you to enter one line of text which is appended to the
     filename.NOT file.  This file grows as you add notes.  Once a note
     line has been entered, you cannot edit it within NA, but you can edit
     it with a simple text editor (such as EDIT, which comes with DOS).

     The two features serve different purposes.  The NOTEPAD is intended
     for short comments to be reviewed later (ex: correction notes) and
     perhaps discarded.  LOG FILE COMMENTS are stay with the .QDF, and
     might be used as a permanent record related to the file.

     It sure seems like nobody even knows about LOG FILE COMMENTS.  As I
     said before, if this is a useless feature, we can use the space in the
     .QDF header for more useful things...

     One other clarification with regards to recent discussions - when I
     asked for comments on the BAND MAP, I'm referring to the window opened
     with Ctrl-F6 showing recent spots and worked QSOs, not the Multiplier
     (Alt-M) display.

     73, Dave

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