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[na-user] Omni-6 Users Poll

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Subject: [na-user] Omni-6 Users Poll
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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 14:26:57 -0500
     To: NA Users with Omni-6 radios

     From: Dave Pruett

     We have been having a discussion here on the reflector about problems
     that owners of Omni-6 radios have been having when using NA with their
     radios.  There appears to be two classes of Omni-6/NA users; those who
     have problems, and those who have not.  In an effort to get at the
     root of this problem, would users with Omni-6 radios please pass along
     the following information:

          Omni-6 Serial Number
          NA's ICOM emulation used (i.e., which ICOM is selected)
          Whether or not you've had problems, and a short description

     The hope here is that we can correlate the problems to a particular
     batch of Omni-6 radios.  If the problem is in NA, perhaps this will
     lead to a clue.  On the other hand, maybe we can use this information
     to have a rational discussion with Ten-Tec with regards to revisions
     of the software internal to the Omni-6.

     Please send this information to my home e-mail:

     Thanks in advance - 73, Dave/K8CC

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