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Subject: [na-user] NA Improvements
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Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 10:31:44 -0500 (EST)
Though I am not personally convinced that the addition of the "Mouse Feature"
to NA would be a substantive improvement, I see not reason to oppose it....

PROVIDING that it is an OPTION, i.e. can be turned off allowing all functions
to be implemented from the keyboard. When operating CW the last thing I need
is another device to fiddle with. Between the paddles and the keyboard... and
the 2-radio headphone switch... and the Hi-Lo/NE-NW antenna switch... and the
rotor control box... and so on... I find there's plenty to do without chasing
 a mouse around the desk.

For the various utilities in the NA package, a mouse would be helpful.

The one area I suggest be given some serious thought for improvement is the
possible combining of the various "setup" functions. RIght now I must run
CONFIG.EXE  (with five catagories to be addressed), the Keyer  Control Panel,
the  Equipment screen, the Options screen and the Alerts screen. Half the
time I lose track of what I am and have to start over again to get everything
in synch. 

'Nuff said for now...

73, Joe, W5ASP

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