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[na-user] NA "Mouse Improvements"

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Subject: [na-user] NA "Mouse Improvements"
From: (Jon E Hamlet) (Jon E Hamlet)
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 14:39:19 EST
I'm just now switching to NA,  (Ordered but not received.) after several
years with CT.  I will offer my two cents and say that I find the mouse
feature very helpful in CT.  I use it quite a bit to move the panels
around and "customize" the screen interface.  I like the fact that with
CT at least, you can move a panel  partially off the screen and leave
only the part you wish showing.  You can put up a lot of infomation this
way.  I recently switched to the "Sync-Pad" touch pad which is built into
my keyboard and find it very handy for moving and closing windows after
quickly opening one to look up something.

The other suggestion I always wanted to see in CT was a taskbar where you
could quickly click open a panel and just as quickly close it.

I have made several suggestions to Ken about improving CT but they seem
to have other interests these days.  I'll reserve other comments about NA
until I actually receive it to test.

Jon,  W4ZW

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