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[na-user] band map, mouse, etc

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Subject: [na-user] band map, mouse, etc
From: (John Bednar) (John Bednar)
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 09:01:11 EST
Here is my input on the band map, mouse, and other features. Thanks
Dave for soliciting the users input. 

Band Map - I like CT's implementation of the band map. It provides
an instant view of who you are tuning across. This saves time
when calling cq and tuning for new stations in-between calls. Tuning 
for new stations between CQ's improves your score. BTW, with
CT and NA it's not necessary to have a packet connection
because users can populate the map manually. Band map should change
with band changes.

Mouse - I doubt that I'd use a mouse for more than moving around
windows, bringing them to the front, or closing them. Also, mouse 
support is of little importance to me without a 50 line screen mode. 

50 line screen mode - Would use it all the time if available. Most
if not all windows could be opened and placed for the entire contest.
This would save keystrokes that have to be entered now for packet
window, mult window, check call window, and callsign database. BTW,
window placement should be saved on program exit. I don't see any
advantage of resizeable windows. Finally, if this screen mode existed
and windows could be moved around, poped to the front, and closed 
without a mouse, that would be just fine. 

AUTOCORRECT - Would have that turned on all the time if it existed. It
would save keystrokes and eliminate stations calling to confirm that
I corrected the call (on the many times I forget to hit F5 before +).
Maybe default should be "ON".

Taskbar - I don't think I'd use it but may be a nice feature for the
beginning or casual contester. Probably not necessary if a
50 line mode existed because all necessary windows could be placed 
at the contest start.

Practice mode - Wonderful for tune-up before contests and building 
code speed. Don't take that away. If you can't hear the PC speaker,
take the rig VOX off (so the rig doesn't key), enable the radio keying
and put the headphones on and listen to the rig sidetone.

Dave has done a wonderful job coding and supporting NA and I am looking 
forward to new versions of the program. Thanks Dave!

John, K3CT

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