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[na-user] NA Version 10.14 Available

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Subject: [na-user] NA Version 10.14 Available
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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:30:41 -0500
                   NEW NA RELEASE 10.14 NOW AVAILABLE

     A new version of the NA contest logging program is now available
     on the LTA BBS.  This new version corrects a several minor bugs
     and adds several new features since the last release (version
     10.13).  It also makes an important change in the naming of
     Contest Rule Template files (see note at the end).

     Bug Fixes:

     -   In contests with grid square multipliers, the program would
         crash printing the QSOS PER MULTIPLIER portion of the
         .BRK file.

     -   CONFIG would not select FT890 correctly.  Fixed with new
         CONFIG version 1.04.  NA 10.14 also fixes support for FT-890

     -   RUN/MULT or XMTR1/XMTR2 flag was not getting set correctly
         in the .QDF file.  This bug affected NA 10.13 only (error in
         making changes for W1BB contest).

     -   Corrected problem in the Alternate Dupe window where the
         cursor would wind up in the wrong spot if window was acti-
         vated from other than the callsign field.

     -   Stations could not be manually entered into the Band Map
         unless packet was enabled.

     -   Duplicate entries of the same call on the same frequency
         are now removed from the ANNOUNCEMENT and BAND MAP windows.

     -   Improved operation of radio tuning keys ([,]) with Yaesu

     -   Removed the ENABLE PADDLES option from the KEYER CONTROL
         PANEL (no longer necessary with CONFIG.EXE, yet required an
         additional step to get the CW paddle operational).

     -   When doing OpOn with a DVP, the old messages were not always
         erased, the effect being that when going from an operator
         with long messages to an operator with short messages, the
         short message would run into the older long message which
         would then play out.

     -   Fixed crash in NAU when trying to DELETE QSO FROM FILE.  New
         NAU version is 1.24.

     New Features:

     -   Contest Rules Template files (*.TMP extention) now have the
         extention ".CRT".  (See note below)

     -   Added the CFM SENT CALLSIGN option to the KEYER CONTROL
         PANEL.  With this option enabled and you log the call with
         the LOG/QRZ keys, if the call you log is different from the
         call you sent, the final call is automatically sent with the
         QRZ message.

     -   CW messages can now contain the "%" character which repre-
         sents YOUR CALL which will be automatically inserted when the
         message is sent.

     -   CW messages can now contain multiple occurrances of "@" (his
         call), "$" (RST), "#" (QSO number), or the new "%" (your
         call) characters.

     -   Added IC-738 radio selection to NA and CONFIG 1.04.

     -   In contests with RUN/MULT or XMTR1/XMTR2 status, QSOs in the
         log made from the MULT or XMTR2 radios are now marked with
         the band in reverse color.

     * * * * * * * * * * * * VERY IMPORTANT * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     We recently received a note from Paul, N4XM who brought to our
     attention that certain software packages designed to clear out
     space on the computer's hard disk will automatically delete any
     file it finds that has a ".TMP" extention.  Unfortunately, the
     contest rules template files that NA uses fall into this category.

     Therefore, effective with this release will now use ".CRT" as the
     extention for [c]ontest [r]ules [t]emplate files.  This change
     also impacts the Template Editor program which must change too.
     For reference, here are the latest version numbers of all the
     NA programs ("*" indicates new versions for various reasons that
     are included in this release):

                          NA      10.14  *
                          NAQSL    3.12
                          NAU      1.24  *
                          CONFIG   1.04  *
                          TE       1.06  *

     There is no change to the format of the template files, so the
     user may simply rename the files if desired.  The following DOS
     command, executed from the directory containing the template
     files, will accomplish the task:

                            REN *.tmp *.crt

     On the other hand, .TMP files are required for older versions of
     NA to work, so copying the .tmp files to .crt will allow both
     and new versions of NA to work.  The following DOS command,
     executed from the directory containing the template files, will
     accomplish the task:

                            COPY *.tmp *.crt

     The 10.14 zipped file which may be downloaded from the LTA BBS
     will include the full set of .crt files.  Also, for the next few
     versions if NA cannot find the .crt files, there will be a
     prompt to remind the user to rename or copy the .tmp files to

     73, Dave/K8CC and LTA

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