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[na-user] Survey: Text Commands vs. Control Keys

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Subject: [na-user] Survey: Text Commands vs. Control Keys
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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 15:38:27 -0500
     To: The NA User Community

     From: Dave Pruett, K8CC

     Thanks to all the users who offered their comments about mouse support
     in NA.  The conclusion I have drawn from all of the comments is that
     some people would like to use a mouse, and some prefer keyboard
     controls.  We will probably add mouse support in the future, likely at
     the same time as 50-line VGA and movable windows as the changes to do
     these features are all somewhat related.  The present control keys and
     commands *WILL* remain so that there will be no effect for users who
     decline to use a mouse.  However, don't expect this to be available
     right away - we're just now heading into the second half of the
     contest season so it will probably be late spring.

     The purpose of this message is to ask the users another question, that


     Certain functions demand control keys.  If you want to dupe check a
     call, you can't type a call and then type DUPECHECK - its not
     possible, and that's what we have F9 for.  However, there are commands
     that are likely to not be executed in the middle of a QSO - for
     example. there's no real need to open the band map while a call is in
     the text field.  These types of functions might better be invoked with
     an intuitive text command rather than an obscure control key.  As a
     couple of examples:

        Instead of Ctrl-F6, how about BANDMAP?
        Instead of Ctrl-F7, how about SHOWOFFTIMES?

     There are certainly other examples.

     What does the community prefer?

     73, Dave/K8CC

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