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[na-user] Re: Omni-6 Users Poll

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Subject: [na-user] Re: Omni-6 Users Poll
From: Charles Shaw <> (Charles Shaw)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 01:46:19 -0700
        1.  My Omni-VI is serial # 1A10263.

        2.  I have tried (as on page 66 of the Ver. 10 manual) as ICOM-735 and 
ICOM-781. It doesn't work at all as a 735.  The problems I have described
to you were setting it as shown for the 781.

        3.  On the reflector I recently said:
>While making a few contacts in the SSB NAQP last night, the program shut
>down with this message:
>       "Error 05 occurred in module NA1013 at address 0726:0F51"
>I can restart the program normally using other QDF files, but always get
>this error message when attempting to restart the QDF for this contest.  I
>would like to retrieve my log, but can't.  Any help would be appreciated.
        Then, Bob (N4BP) reminded me about the Utility for looking at a .qdf 
which I retrieved my log); and I replied to him:
        >I had earlier problems during the CW NAQP.  The Omni sometimes tunes in
>small "jerks" by jumping 15 to 35 Hz; and, on CW, it kept shutting down the
>keyers--both the NA memories AND the internal Omni-VI keyer.  The Omni
>would not send at all until I quickly switched the rig off-on.  Then it
>would go again for a while.  On SSB, the VOX kept tripping to transmit.
>All the while on both modes, the bottom of the screen kept telling me that
>the rig was out of the contest band.
        Earlier, I had forgotten to mention that operation is the same whether I
run the program under Windows 95 or from DOS.

        I really appreciate your interest in this.  Once more, thank you!
73, Charles

Charles W. Shaw, N5UL
Hobbs, NM

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