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[na-user] Holdup with 10.14

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Subject: [na-user] Holdup with 10.14
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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 09:03:00 -0500
     From: Dave Pruett, K8CC

     I received a call from K3LR that there is a problem with the NA
     version 10.14 that I uploaded to the LTA BBS.  Tim was doing some
     testing prior to placing 10.14 on the BBS and says that if the keyer
     is turned on, the cursor in the logging screen disappears.  This is
     surprising, since W8MJ used 10.14 at my station in the CQ 160M Contest
     without any problems.  Perhaps there was a problem with the upload.

     I will test this when I get home from work tonite (Wedneday, 1/29) and
     either make a fix or else prepare another upload for the BBS.  Until
     that time, the BBS is set on busy so save your long distance dimes.
     As soon as we've resolved this, the BBS will be back on line and I'll
     post a message to the Reflector.

     Sorry for the inconvenience - 73, K8CC & LTA

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