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Subject: [na-user] FW: Paddles
From: Dale Martin <> (Dale Martin)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:47:20 -0600
Ref my original message below. 

I have now successfully wired up one DB-25 connector for 
COM1 which contains (1) paddle inputs; (2) keying output; and 
(3) radio control.  It all works FB!

My Omni VI just arrived back from Ten-Tec service on Monday.
Besides a power output problem, which was the primary reason
it went to Service, I had asked for some 'grounding' work to be 
done with it that another Omni VI owner had indicated was beneficial
to his two Omni VI's, and asked for the firmware upgrade.  One or 
all the mods may have cleared up the problems I had been seeing 
with the Omni VI and NA in the past.  I have een trying my best to 
get it and/or NA to seriously fault, but cannot make it happen. 


From:   Dale Martin[]
Sent:   Thursday, January 23, 1997 17:32 PM
To:     'NA Reflector'
Subject:        Paddles

I am using NA 9.33 and am trying to wire up a connector/cable 
to use the paddles function in NA.  For the past few years, I 
have been happy using my external keyer in parallel with the 
NA keying to the transceiver.  But, I would like to dispense with 
having to try to guess-timate the speed of my keyer with that of 
NA ( I know it's distracting to me and I'm sure its distracting to 
the people I am sending to when I flip from NA keying to keyer 

I have not successfully managed to get the NA paddles function 
to work properly on my PC.  

Question:  After pressing CTL-Return after setting Enable Paddles 
to "+", is it normal to get 
nauseum ( nauseum, if Reverse Dot/Dash is set 
to "+")?  The paddles have no effect.  In fact, I can pull the 
connector from the computer and the same dah-dah'ing persists.  

Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong here?  Is it me?  
Is it NA? Is it fixable? 

Bob, N5RP, told me had to increase the resistor values to 36k 
in order to make his paddles work.  I have tried that and more, 
ranging from 1k to 100k ohms.  No difference....dah.dah.dah.dah

Thanks in advance.

Dale Martin

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