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[na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map

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Subject: [na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map
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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 17:11:21 -0500
     de K8CC,

     I fail to see the point that Karel, OK2FD made about stuffing a call
     into the band map after hitting the space bar.  What information does
     this provide the operator?  I think we would all agree that the
     purpose of the band map is to: 1) Help you find new stations to work,
     or 2) identify stations on the band based on packet or log data.
     Automatically stuffing a call from the log screen will not help #1
     because you've already found the station (and indeed, your radio is
     already there!) and since you already have the station's call, adding
     it to the band map won't help #2 either.

     The comment from Bill, N4VJ about stuffing the call from the Alternate
     Dupe window is perhaps the key.  However, unless the user has set the
     band map to map the alternate band, automatically adding a callsign
     from the alternate band will not cause it to appear in the band map
     (because the band map is mapping the main, not alternate band).  This
     does not invalidate Bill's suggestion, and certainly reflects a
     potential usage (CQing on main radio, S&P w/band map on alternate

     This stuff is never easy...

     73, Dave/K8CC

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