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[na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map

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Subject: [na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map
From: (John Bednar) (John Bednar)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 97 17:50:18 EST
>     I fail to see the point that Karel, OK2FD made about stuffing a call
>     into the band map after hitting the space bar.

Guess we are all hoping for the bandmap tuning indicator and some
indication in the band map that the station is already worked. That is 
the key. 

With that in mind the purpose of the band map:

1) Help you find new stations to work. (need packet)

2) Prevent everyone from stopping at K8CC's CQ  12,349 times during
   the contest. And preventing K8CC from getting 367 "??'s"
   during the contest. (packet or no packet)

Now the data from the band map gets there from:
1) packet
2) stations you work
3) stations that you insert there manually

Karel's suggestion reduces the effort required to get stations into
the band map manually. By hitting the space bar you find out if you have
worked that station already plus it goes into the band map. (If the 
station was in the band map and you worked that station you would
have tuned right by thus saving time). If it's a dupe you really 
want that station in the band map so you don't stop when you tune 
by again. 

You are right Dave, this stuff isn't easy. It helps when we give you
all the information!

John, K3CT

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