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[na-user] NA10.14!

To: <>
Subject: [na-user] NA10.14!
From: k3lr <> (k3lr)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 23:06:44 -0500
Attention all registered Version 10 owners!

NA10.14 is now on the LTA BBS at 412-528-8877.

The packed NA10.EXE file contains about 40 files. 34 of the files are
new .CRT files that replace the .TMPs.

Please read NA.REV and UPDATE.DOC for help in learning all of the new

We hope you enjoy the new Na10.14 load! Please tell us what you like
and don't like about it!

If you have questions or problems, please send them to

Send a note of thanks to K8CC for all of his hard work on this update.
It is the best NA10 yet!

Tim K3LR @
Dave K8CC @

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