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[na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map

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Subject: [na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map
From: Karel Karmasin (OK2FD)" < (Karel Karmasin (OK2FD))
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 06:59:27 +0100 wrote:
>      de K8CC,
>      I fail to see the point that Karel, OK2FD made about stuffing a call
>      into the band map after hitting the space bar.  What information does
>      this provide the operator?  I think we would all agree that the
>      purpose of the band map is to: 1) Help you find new stations to work,
>      or 2) identify stations on the band based on packet or log data.
>      Automatically stuffing a call from the log screen will not help #1
>      because you've already found the station (and indeed, your radio is
>      already there!) and since you already have the station's call, adding
>      it to the band map won't help #2 either.

My answer is this:
1. Of course, it will not help, if You will work that station JUST that
time. But if You are not able to work it, You will QSY and than You
need to have that station in BAND MAP for later. 
2. More - You still need that info in bandmap, because when You are
S@P You need to know, who is on that frequency, not to waste time
to wait when he will give his call.
3. In case when You are running statiom, probably will not use the
space for DUPE CHECK at all, so there is no danger to fill bandmap
with bad info.

73 Karel, OK2FD

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