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[na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map

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Subject: [na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map
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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 08:35:27 -0500
     Karel did not say to put it in the band map if it was a dupe, he just
     said enter a call and hit space bar and it goes into the band map.

     N4VJ's comment about putting it in from the Alternate Dupe window if
     it was a dupe made it clear for me.  We could use Karel's idea (but
     only for dupes) if the Band Map is set to map the main radio, and
     Bill's idea if its set to map the alternate radio.

     I have not experiemented with this, but I'm concerned about delays if
     we invoke a Band Map entry every time you leave the call field with
     the space bar.  You may not recognize it, but the band map is a fairly
     complicated piece of code that takes time to execute.  It has to look
     thru the recent spots (which might any of the 100 that are stored),
     thru the last 30 minutes of QSOs (which might be what, 100-150 QSOs?),
     combine these together, dupe check every single entry, then decide
     which ones to display.  This time is no big deal when hitting the band
     map key or logging a QSO, but if we do this I don't want to hear any
     griping from the response time demons among us.

     I don't understand your comment about "hoping for....some indication
     in the band map that the station is already worked".  This indication
     is already there, and has been there for a while.  A station not
     worked is highlighted (default white on cyan) while a station worked
     is not highlighted (default black on cyan).  I understand the part
     about the tuning indicator, but is there something else I'm missing?

     73, Dave/K8CC

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