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Subject: [na-user] SS Exchange
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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 11:04:55 -0500
With regards to the question raised by W4LC about the sequence of the
NA's data fields for SS, I've been waiting for someone else to address
this issue.  However, since nobody else has stepped up, let me set the
record straight.

First, read the official SS rules - the callsign is part of the
exchange.  The rules say that the information exchanged is "qso number,
precedence, callsign, check, and section".  If you don't give your
callsign as part of the exchange, you are not complying with the
published rules.

Second, W4LC is wrong when he says "the exchange invariably gets sent
in the following order:
Call, Serial#, Precedence, Check, Section".  I have been doing SS since
1971 (even won #1 nationally
low power SSB from N5DX in 1978) and I have never heard more than a
handful of stations who send the exchange
in anything other than the standard order.  Those who try to get
"smart" find that the non-standard sequence causes
enough confusion to slow down their rate.  Take a poll of anyone with
more than one or two SSs under their belts and
I'll bet you'll find I'm right.

The question of NA's exchange sequence for SS was asked and answered by
W4AN, N2IC and myself back in 1989.
Thousands of NA users have happily SS'd their way to a lot of QSOs
since that time.

73, Dave/K8CC

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