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Subject: [na-user] NA Dupe Sheets -Reply
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Date: 24 Nov 1997 14:25:32 Z
Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I played around with it later, and came to
the essentially the same cure that you describe.  I use WordPerfect
7.0 for contest results usually.  Generally, Courier 10 point font
works fine (it's non-porportional).  However, this time, while it
worked OK for all the rest of the files, it did not work for the dup
sheets.  Why, I dont know.  I started shrinking the font size, and when
it got down to 7-point, the dup sheets straightened out.  I hope the
log checkers havegood reading glasses if they look at the paper logs!!
However, I also mailed in a disk.

Jim   W4LC

>>> 11/23/97 03:44pm >>>
Jim -

I'm running NA 10.23,, and had the same problem you did.  I think
procedure below fixes it.

I open the dupe sheet file with Word Perfect, do edit|select|all, then
convert the font to Letter Gothic 8-point.  Letter Gothic is a
non-proportional font (so all the columns line up straight), and
gets one page of dupe sheet per sheet of paper.  It's a tought read for
my 20/800 vision, but it looks nice.  

I did the same thing with the other files (multio-pliers, logs, etc). 
Sometimes ten or twelve-point type works, but you definitely need a
non-proportional type face to get it to line up.  

Good luck.

---Tim Bratton K5RA


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