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[na-user] NA 10.25 Bugs

To: <>
Subject: [na-user] NA 10.25 Bugs
From: Jeff Yeager <> (Jeff Yeager)
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 14:49:47 +0500
1: Dupe coloring when S&P with the run rig is broken.  There is
no way to tell if a call is a dupe or not till you type it in
and press the space bar.

2:  To crash NA, type ALT-MINUS, MINUS again, then ENTER or ESC.
Dont know why but I did this atleast 10 times this weekend.

3:  When entering calls in the band map it is a real pain to 
hit CTRL-ENTER then have to hit ENTER again.  CTRL-ENTER should
be all thats needed to get a call in the bandmap.  (like ct does it)

73 Jeff K4JNY op of W4AN for ARRL test.

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