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[na-user] How Do You Log /M Stations?

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Subject: [na-user] How Do You Log /M Stations?
From: Douglas A. McDuff" < (Douglas A. McDuff)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 18:00:35 -0500
While QRV from KG4 this past weekend, I used NA before and after the ARRL
contest for general logging for demonstration purposes to the other
operators.  CT was used in the contest as I was the only operator out of
our group of 5 who is familiar with NA.

In any event, NA performed flawlessly except for one apparent glitch.  When
logging mobile stations as /m, they were recorded as stations from England,
presumably because of the perceived M prefix.  Also, QSO's with maritime
mobile stations were listed as bad QSO's.  This did not occur for either
situation during the contest while using CT.

Does any one have a global solution they could share?  Having made about
1,800 QSO's outside the contest as KG4OX, I would prefer not to have to go
back through the log on a line-by-line basis to manually correct each of
the several dozen QSO's in question.

Thanks in advance de Doug W4OX / KG4OX 

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