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[na-user] /M and /MM stations

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Subject: [na-user] /M and /MM stations
From: Tom Homewood <> (Tom Homewood)
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 07:51:44 -0500
I believe the rules for last weekends contest allow contacts with /MM for
points, but not for multipliers.  Something else to consider.

Tom, W1TO

David A. Pruett wrote:

> snip
> I can see that maritime mobile would be different, the station is out on a
> ship and probably in a different ITU or CQ zone.
> The only way to REALLY fix this is to make /M and /MM not valid callsign
> configurations.  M/K8CC would be decoded as England but K8CC/M would be
> mobile.  What is the concensus of the users?
> 73,
> Dave/K8CC

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