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[na-user] Multi Computer Connect?

To: <>
Subject: [na-user] Multi Computer Connect?
From: Dan Nixon <> (Dan Nixon)
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 09:37:52 -0400
Thanks for the response. Yes we were using laptops, one was an IBM,
fairly new model, mine was a 2 yr. old Toshiba. The IBM's built in
serial connector used Com2, the Toshiba's was on Com1. We did have 10.19
installed from last year, did not change it to the latest version,
figured since it worked great last year we would keep everything secure.

All went well on the first day, connection, exchanges, etc. all worked
fine. After shutting down and restarting I started both systems up using
a batch start-up, noticed right away trying the Alt-G that they were not
communicating. Entered a contact in Station 1, Station 2 never say it.
Went through the entire beginning setup with a test file and it still
didn't work. I'm sure we'll figure it out.


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