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[na-user] 10.30 problems

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Subject: [na-user] 10.30 problems
From: Bob Patten <> (Bob Patten)
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 12:31:45 -0400 (EDT)
On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, Greg Clark wrote:
> I got about 50 q's into the contest and realized all of my mults for
> 20m were being placed on the 80m line.  Mults for other bands were
> being put in a bit bucket someplace.  I assume it's just an interface
> problem in the score box because I dumped the 10.30 NA.EXE for and
> older version and it read the logs in correctly.
> Anyone else have this?
I was anxious to read the reflector mail to see if anyone else 
experienced this.  I wonder if this bug only happens in CW only logs as did 
the crash that was "fixed" with version 10.30.  I sure am glad to hear 
that an older version was able to read your log.  I had 1600 Q's and was 
a little worried that I might end up copying them to paper!
Did NA crash when you tried to write the log as mine did?
> I never though it would be so hard to type after 30 hrs of no sleep :)
Now have had two hours sleep and must work overnight tonight.  That's 
going to be interesting...

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