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[na-user] IARU Problems, RTTY NAQP

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Subject: [na-user] IARU Problems, RTTY NAQP
From: David A. Pruett" < (David A. Pruett)
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:09:01 -0400
To All NA Users (particularly IARU participants):

Several people have posted to the reflector about problems with the scoring
in NA for IARU.  I can confirm the problem exists.  I was fooling around
with the laptop Saturday afternoon while the other ops were pounding away
when it was discovered.  Again (and I am embarrassed to admit this) this is
a result of the changes to add RTTY as a third simultaneous mode to support
Field Day.  The reason this was missed (and the IARU contest was on the
testing regimen prior to release) was that the problem only exists for CW
or SSB only logs and the test log was mixed mode.

Herein lies the short term solution.  If you set mode on the Information
Sheet to "MIXED" rather than "CW" or "SSB" the program scores correctly. 
You'll have to edit the summary sheet to say "CW-only" or "SSB-only" but
this is no big deal.

The bug is already fixed, including some other stuff.  In our
multi-operator effort from K8CC we discovered some problems with the packet
support not identifying mults correctly during the filtering process (ex.
NU1AW = zone 8 instead of "IARU") that we are working on.

There was one report of a program crash when trying to print a IARU log.  I
just printed ours (1800+ QSOs) and nothing crashed, however this was using
10.31beta.  It is possible that changing to mixed mode might get around
this problem too.

With regards to the RTTY NAQP coming up this month, K3MM noted that you
cannot select "RTTY" if you've selected "NAQP" for the contest.  To get
around this, use the template editor (TE) to make a copy of NAQP.CRT called
RTTYNAQP.CRT and edit it for RTTY only mode.  This will be the official
solution to the problem, which makes sense since the RTTY NAQP rules,
although almost identical to the regular NAQP rules, only allow operation
on 80M-10M.  The next release will have a RTTYNAQP.CRT file in it.


Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering

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