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[na-user] NA and K6STI Ritty/Bitty

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Subject: [na-user] NA and K6STI Ritty/Bitty
From: Michael Barts <> (Michael Barts)
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:57:16 -0400
Anyone using NA with K6STI's Ritty/Bitty soft-modem?

I'm using NA 10.28 and 10.30 with Bitty 1.04. 

NA 10.28/Bitty the demod works and TX function works, BUT:
1) demod randomly freezes momentarily and computer emits ~1 sec beep. Seems
to occur in batches, even with no audio input to soundcard.
2)RX/TX indicator works for a while then stays stuck on TX, but program
still functions.
3) in logging window, mode is fixed as SSB (maybe related to reading mode
off rig?)

NA 10.30/Bitty
1) demod output is garbage. This is definately an NA problem. Load Bitty,
works in 10.28, quit 10.28, open 10.30, output is garbage, back to 10.28
output is garbage. Also garbage if go to 10.30 first. Requires unloading
and reloading Bitty to get working in 10.28 again.
2) Random beeps just like with 10.28
3) TX functions seem to work but no way to monitor if I'm xmiting garbage
4) mode stuck on SSB (see 3) above)

Used W1AW bulletin transmission last night to do RX testing with, so I know
I had a good RX signal (20 dB over 9). Also checked computer/soundcard
workings with a separate stand alone RTTY softmodem (BTL).

Suggestions/advice welcome.

73, Mike N4GU

R. Michael Barts                                   (540) 231-7280
Research Associate                                 (540) 231-3355 FAX
Antenna Lab/Satellite Communications Lab
Center for Wireless Telecommunications                   ARS N4GU
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University        EM97SD                      

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