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[na-user] RITTY Problem Resolution

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Subject: [na-user] RITTY Problem Resolution
From: David A. Pruett" < (David A. Pruett)
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 00:09:21 -0400
Mike, N4GU reported that he was having problems getting BITTY to run with
NA 10.30.  I am pleased to report that with the help of Tim Mitchell, K9TM
I am pretty confident we have these problems fixed.

The main problem reported was that the receive output was garbage.  This
was the result of my misunderstanding K6STI's description of how to set
normal or receive tone polarity.  The result is that NA would flip
RITTY/BITTY receive tones so that you were trying to receive upside down!

Second, Tim reported that the score window was messed up and bandchanging
with the radio crashed the program.  A problem was found in how the upper
and lower band limits were established, but only for contests where RTTY is
the only mode.

The changes have been made to fix these problems and the code is on its way
to K9TM's for more testing tomorrow (Thursday).  We will hammer it good in
testing tomorrow night so there will be a 10.31 version up on the web site
by late tomorrow night or early Friday to support the RTTY NAQPers.  We
have included the new RTTYNAQP.CRT template file so things should be all


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