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Subject: [na-user] RITTY
From: T Mitchell (Tim)" < (T Mitchell (Tim))
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:47:33 -0400

I have sent a note to Dave on the details of what I found but the bottom line
is that rtty receive is still not fixed.  The band/scoring problem is fixed.

To clarify the band/scoring problem:
I created a new contest template, using naqp (CW/SSB) as a base.  I changed the
bands to not include 160m.  All was going good at this point.

Start na and the score window and check window would leave a blank line for
80m.  If I changed to 80m on the radio (I also have the radio hooked to the
PC), then na would not crash.  It would highlight the score line that should be
80m... it would accept a qso into the log and log it as 80m but the score
window would not update.

If I changed the band with the Alt-F1/Alt-F2 then when I got to 80m, I would
get an error 9.

Bottom line on this is that the new software seems to fix this one.

RTTY receive problem:
It appears that na is telling ritty tsr to invert the tones for rcv ?  If I
apply a normal rtty signal, I see what looks like garbage.  If I apply an
actual upside down signal, then it copies better but still not correctly.  I
get mostly double characters and some missed characters.  Getting closer but
still not there.

I ran out of test time this morning and had to go to work.  The one thing I
need/want to try to report to Dave is how ritty itself handles the upside down
signal to see if it is ok ?

Dave was up late last night working on this and we are planning to get together
tonight to work on it more.  Hopefully, we can resolve things in a timely
manner tonight.

73's Tim K9TM

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