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Subject: [na-user] WI QSO party
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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 10:31:27 EST
Unfortunately, the .MLT file in the Wisconsin QSO party has the 4 letter 
abbrev. for all of the counties which could be a problem.  Although this was 
discussed, it was not adopted officially for the contest and the rules still 
call for 3 letter abbreviatiions.  I show it as 4 letter for 10.50+ and my 
10.45 still has 3 letters.

If you have already upgraded to 10.50, you might want to go back and grab the 
pre-10.50 mult file and over write it into the current edition.   10.5x 
insists on receiving 4 letter abbrev. and you're not likely to get many of 

If you don't have the prefered .mlt file, I'll send it to you. 

This is a really fun short state QSO party running from 18:00 GMT 
SUNDAY--3/11 to 01:00.  (Noon CST to 7 p.m. Sunday)

John Baumgarten, N0IJ (/9) Douglas County, Wisconsin

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