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Subject: [na-user] WPX 2001
From: FM5BH" < (FM5BH)
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:46:53 +0100
Rev 10.51
*   Added new precedences from 1999 to SS practice mode.
*   Improved format of PRACTICE.LOG.
*   Auto Check Partial now starts after two characters - was three.
*   Corrected errors in Cabrillo header for reporting category for Multi-
    Operator and single band entries.
*   SO2R QSOs made on second radio are now flagged in .QDF file, and a
    SO2R breakdown added with the QSO rate summary sheet.
*   Alt-F4 now works correctly to return to the original frequency after
    grabbing a spot by "point-and-shoot".
*   Modified WPX template for new 2001 rules allowing a multiplier station
    in the multi-single category.

I don't understand how does it work ?
the run station is too fast here you must to stop 
it to send the serial from the mult.

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