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[na-user] SO2R setup

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Subject: [na-user] SO2R setup
From: Robert Sauvan" < (Robert Sauvan)
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 19:57:57 -0600
I presently have been using a Kenwood 850 with NA.10.x. I have been using
radio control from one of my com ports. I have aquired another 850 and
plan on setting up 2 radios. If I make another cable to go from the 2nd
radio to
another com port, will the program then support both radios? Or do I have to
build the interface for the LPT port. I have a switching unit for the
and plan on building one for the paddles to switch manually from each radio.
I realize this isnt the full use of the automation by the program but I
it will get me started on 2 radios. Any help would be appreciated.

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