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[NA-User] Re: NA -- V10.57

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Subject: [NA-User] Re: NA -- V10.57
From: (K1SE -- Bill)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:05:01 -0500
Have a quick question re NA V10.57, which I have just installed on my =
PC; I'm a new NA user.
Rig control works just fine for my FT1000MP thru one of the Com ports =
and CW keying is great thru the LPT1 port.  However, I can't find =
where/how to change the CW memories; I thought they were adjustable thru =
the KEYER command?  When I type the word KEYER, I get the keyer control =
panel and all the selections for "F1 repeat" thru "Auto-ID count".  =
However, there are no CW memories showing to indicate what is programmed =
into F1 thru F7!  Please advise.
Thanks in advance.
Bill -- K1SE
Manassas, VA

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