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Subject: [NA-User] TS940SAT
From: (Jessica Benny)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 20:38:35 -0800

I have two TS940s interfaced to NA that I use for MS or MM operations. I
originally had the IF10B and RS232 interfaces, however, they did not seem to
work as they should, I was not happy with them.

I then purchased the interface made by PIEXX Co. They are great! They have
never failed to bring the radios on line or hiccupped at all. I highly
recommend them.

The Web page for the TS940s interface is: They
have provided good follow up service and are reasonable priced. Call them
first, you have to determine if you have the correct Eprom in your radio to
match their system.



Rob Neece wrote:

> I just acquired W4PRO's old TS940SAT.  (So the rig certainly has more
> contesting and DX experience than I will ever have!)  Anyway, I am just
> getting it set up and would like to get it working with NA.  Previously I
> have only used NA for keying and have not tried rig control.  If some of
> you with experience would like to advise me on interfacing and using the
> 940 with NA, it would be greatly appreciated.
> Rob
> KK4R
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