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[NA-User] New NA Version 10.58 Available

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Subject: [NA-User] New NA Version 10.58 Available
From: (David A. Pruett)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 22:03:25 -0500
14 NOVEMBER 2002

A new version of the NA contest logging program is now available
from the Radio Bookstore or the DATOM Engineering web site at

Version 10.58 has the following fixes:

*   Fixed timing problem which effected CQ repeat and radio polling times
     when Yaesu radios were controlled via RS-232.  This also fixes bug
     which could cause the program to crash when a controlled Yaesu radio
     was turned off.
*   Program would not read mode correctly from FT-100 radio - fixed accord-
     ing to Yaesu documentation.
*   When doing mixed-mode SO2R, the default RST was not updated when working
     a QSO on the alternate radio - fixed (tnx K6LA).
*   Corrected truncating of comments field in NA Logger w/Countries format
     (tnx WX3M).
*   The SO2R BREAKDOWN SHEET would only print if a "RADIO A/B" port was
     selected, now will print as long as the "Two Radios" selection is
     checked in the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL (tnx N6RT).
*   Fixed line total and running total fields in the SO2R BREAKDOWN SHEET.

Version 10.58 has the following new features:

*   Added points scoring rules and template file for the CQ VHF Contest.
*   The "multiplier name search" feature which functions when the MULTIPLIER
     ABBREVIATION LIST (Alt-L) window is displayed also now functions when
     the WANTED MULT LIST (Alt-W) window is displayed.
*   Added features to manipulate the sent QSO nr: CTRL-Q opens a window to
     allow the sent nr to be edited; SHOW SENT QSO NUMBERS in the PROGRAM
     OPTIONS CONTROL PANEL selects between showing (default) the QSO's
     sequence in the file, or the actual QSO number; and both the Cabrillo
     and printer output files now show the sent QSO number from the file
     instead of simply the sequence.
*   NAU version 1.34 released with enhanced .QDF VIEW utility showing the
     sent QSO number in the QSO record.

Current versions of NA and accessory programs:

NA      10.58
NAU      1.34
NAQSL    3.14
TE       1.14
CONFIG   1.12


DATOM Engineering

Dave Pruett, K8CC
Tom Pruett, WB8VMN

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