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[NA-User] V10.59 Cabrillo problem

To: <>
Subject: [NA-User] V10.59 Cabrillo problem
From: (Stan Gantz)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:59:03 -0700
        I have a
problem,  I updated to V10.58 right before the SS phone, but on
sending everything to the ARRL, I am told by their robot that I have
errors in my log, that they are not in proper order and etc.  On
bringing up last years+ log and comparing...  YES they ARE
different, and the ARRL states that it will not work in it's present
form.  I re-loaded the program, and the Cabrillo format remains out
of sequence .  I went back and looked at the log from 2000 SS, and
it IS right!  Here is an example of what it is printing out:

QSO: 28300 PH 2002-11-16 2104 W5GZ 0001 K9BG 2 A 55

QSO: 28300 PH 2002-11-16 2109 W5GZ 0002 N8RAT 15 B 91 WV&nbsp; 

They (ARRL) say it should look something like this:

QSO: 28000 PH 2002-11-16 2109 W5GZ 1 A 76 NM K9BG 2
A 55 IN

first format is not right, and I cant change it!!!!!!!  What can I

Gantz  W5GZ  <>

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