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[NA-User] NA Observations

To: <>
Subject: [NA-User] NA Observations
From: (Randy Farmer)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 12:06:46 -0600
I used NA for a serious two-radio effort in SS CW and for just fooling 
around in CQWW CW. It ran like a train in a full-screen DOS window under 

This was the first time I had run NA full up with my Top Ten SO2R box and 
the Rotor-EZ rotator control interface. If the Top Ten box is modified to 
correct their LPT port pin-out error (details on the Top Ten Web site), it 
functions perfectly and makes two-radio operation a breeze.

The rotor control also works fine and is very handy in DX contests, but I 
found a couple of rough spots with this function. By design, if you type a 
number into any field and do Ctrl-F10, the rotator is commanded to the 
heading entered and the field is cleared. Unfortunately, if you have tabbed 
over to one of the exchange fields and then do Ctrl-F10, it rotates to the 
value in that field. Way too many times in CQWW I would hit the space bar 
to check status of a call and then decide to rotate the antenna. When I did 
this, NA would then proceed to rotate the antenna to the heading in the 
zone field and delete the entire QSO record! So I would have to manually 
re-enter the call and then command the rotation again while the cursor was 
in the call field. This wasted lots of time, since the antenna couldn't be 
rotated back to the proper heading until it had gone all the way to the 
wrong one. If the rotation command was issued with the cursor in the call 
field the heading look-up worked great for most calls, but could not 
resolve portable calls, e.g. with TG4/W0IZ in the call field, issuing 
Ctrl-F10 would do nothing. This is very curious, since the multiplier 
determination function had no problem resolving the call.

I would recommend that sometime in the next few releases the code be fixed 
to look ONLY in the call field to determine the heading, and wipe only the 
CURRENT field containing a number when it does so. Also, the same logic 
used to find multiplier status should be used to resolve the heading.

Another (very minor) observation is that the flashing "needed mult" message 
at the bottom of the logging window should disappear when the QSO is 
logged. In 10.58 and earlier releases, the message persists until there has 
been some kind of data entry activity on the next line or it is overwritten 
with another status message. Since I didn't use packet, the "needed mult" 
message would stay there indefinitely. I eventually got used to 
automatically hitting F11 to get rid of it. Also, it's curious that even if 
the QSO was a new country multiplier the message was populated with the 
zone instead.

Other than these minor problems, NA worked great -- again. Thanks again for 
a solid stable program, Dave!

Randy, W8FN 

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