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[NA-User] Cabrillo Format Question

To: <>
Subject: [NA-User] Cabrillo Format Question
From: (Hank Kohl K8DD)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 12:48:32 -0500
At 11/26/2002 11:38 AM -0500, Paul  J Mackanos, Jr. wrote:
>  OK, I got my times fixed, now I want to submit electronically, and I see I
>need to submit in Cabrillo log file format. OK as you can see, its been a
>while since I have had to send in the logs, what files do I have to send the
>ARRL. I sure hope they are in the program.
>Thanks Paul K2DB

Now that the times are right, as you quit the program (ALT-X) instead of 
(E)xit, do a (W)rite.
Then look for K2NNY.LOG.  That will be the Cabrillo file that you attach to 
an email when you send the ARRL your log.

73    Hank    K8DD

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